Get to know your TOYO

Get to know your TOYO

May-tenance month is upon us! Time to refresh our studio spaces and up keep our tools! Our glass cutters require some maintenance and the occasional replacement head. This blog is all about Toyo glass cutters, replacement parts and in depth information on the three Toyo cutters styles that we carry here at our store. Our main goal is to break down barriers by offering easy to understand educational resources for our customers. Please leave a comment if you found this helpful! Let's get into it!

Originally glass cutter wheels were encrusted with a diamond at the tip of the cutter head. This made glass cutters very expensive for the average consumer. Steel wheel cutters came about as a more economic tool but they have a short working time and dull quickly. The carbide tungsten wheel glass cutters were introduced in the 1970's on the Toyo TC 10B Brass handle cutter. The TC 10B is still Toyo's most popular tool today! The tungsten carbide wheel provides a long wheel life at the best value and are the preferred choice for the art glass industry.

Toyo is a manufacturer for glass cutters based out of Japan. Glass Accessories International (GAI) is the North American distributor for Toyo products. GAI is a family run business that started in 1975 by Sam Shupper. After a long history of growth and success, the business is carries on by his grandsons, Jeff and Steve Shupper. After almost a decade of using their tools, We were delighted to meet Jeff and Steve at the Glass Craft and Bead expo this year while they were representing their quality glass working tools! 

Different styles of TOYO glass cutters that we carry at our store

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Straight or pattern head
The choice of a straight head or a pattern head will depend on what you are cutting. When cutting down the large sheets or any straight line we always reach for our TC 600PRV Pistol grip cutter with the wide 17HSV cutter head. This is because the wider cutter head provides more surface area when running along the square. The pattern heads are smaller and allow for easier movement along curved lines. We enjoy using the TC 21V with the TC 21PVR pattern head. 

What is the tap technology?
Toyo's tap technology is in the wheel of the cutter. The TAP wheel has a micro vibration when scoring the glass to allow for a deeper score line. The cutter heads with the V in the stock code signifies that it is a TAP cutter head. For example, the TC10B replacement head is not a TAP wheel but the TC 600HV replacement head is a TAP head. The TC 600HV head will fit on the TC 10B Brass handle model.

Should I use oil in my cutter?
This is the #1 question we receive when people buy their first TOYO cutter and we always suggest that you use oil for the best cutting experience! The cutter wheel is moving metal part. By lubricating with oil you are reducing the wear on the cutter wheel and prolonging the life of your tool. The oil also prevents small glass shards from jamming the wheel, keeps the score running smooth and prevents rust from forming on the cutter head. Since the wheel itself is made of tungsten carbide it will not rust. Only use GAI oil in your TOYO cutter as it is specially formulated to flow at the proper rate through your TOYO supercutter. You can dip your cutter head into an oil soaked rag or put drop a few drops into the back of your cutter(oil reservoir.) In our studio we choose to drop a few drops of oil into the cutter oil reservoir. It is recommended to only put just enough in for your project so the oil does not leak out when not in use.

When to replace your cutter head?
Glass Accessories International suggests your cutter head is good for 5 miles! That is 316800 inches or 26400 feet. Wissmach sheets are 32" on one length of the factory sheet size. The length in feet of 32" is 2.67'. So if my calculations are correct, you would have to cut down 9900 Wissmach sheets on the 32" length to amount to 5 miles of cutting! This shows us that the Toyo glass cutters are a quality and long lasting tool when kept in ideal condition. If your cutter wheel was damaged or has seen its life span, it is best to replace the cutter head. If you use a glass cutter that is due for a change you may see an increase in glass breakage. 

How to measure the perfect cut when using a square, a toyo cutter and a tape measure
The width of the Toyo cutter head is 5.03mm and the cutter wheel lies in the centre of the cutter head at 2.515mm. This is approximately 3/32 of an inch! When you are are lining up your square make your measurement 3/32" more and you will cut the perfect measurement every time! For example, if you are trying to cut a 4" square then you will measure at 4 3/32" and after scoring your glass piece should measure at 4". This is beneficial because you can cut perfect shapes without drawing the pattern line onto the glass and decrease your production time!

Toyo also manufacturer's top of the line circle cutters and several other styles of glass cutters.  We are proud to carry GAI products and provide our customers with a quality tool that will last a life time!

Thank you for reading! 

With love from Jess, Sam, Cam and Jenn!




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