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Fused glass colour theory online course

Fused glass colour theory online course

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Ever wonder what is happening in the kiln during firing? During this online course we will explore how colours react and change in the kiln. You will gain a understanding and learn to anticipate the outcome of your projects. This course provides step by step instruction and enough materials to complete two 6" fused glass projects. Learn about glass layering, reactions, how to prep a fusing mold and firing schedules.

kit contents
2x 6"x6" clear 2mm fusible glass
1x 3"x6" clear 3mm fusible glass
10x 3"x6" fusible art glass in assorted colours (5 hot colours and 5 cool colours)
Detailed 16 page PDF instructions

additional supplies needed (not included)
Glass cutter, grozing pliers, running pliers 
Papyros kiln shelf paper 
Kiln wash
haike brush
8” CPI square slumping mold (or another appropriate sizes slumping mold)
Glass fusing kiln
White school glue or other fusing glue

Don’t have a kiln?
We offer kiln rentals! Bring in your project to be fired in our kiln.

Our kiln rentals includes kiln paper, help to program the kiln and the fire time. You can fit four projects of this size in our 14" Even Heat kiln!


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