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Lucent Glass and Art

Hand foiling tools

Hand foiling tools

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Made in small batch and limited quantities. Each foiler individually is $25. Purchase all three foilers for $60 - that's a 20% discount! Preorders will be sent out by mid June 2023.

How to use the Lucent Glass hand foiler

1. Place your copper foil through the slot at the back of the tool

2. Once your foil is through the slot, peel the paper backing off of the foil. The paper will go through the hole at the bottom of the hand foiler. Then pull the foil through the tool, sticky side down, and between the forks and roller on the other end. The paper should be falling away as you are pulling the foil through.
3. Place the glass in between the forks and start to run the foiler along the edge of the glass to apply the foil. Use a pair of scissors to cut the foil when you have finished foiling the glass.
4. Use your fingers to fold the foil over the glass then use the Lucent Glass foil burnisher to burnish the edges. Perfection!

Note: Be mindful not to twist the foiler as you are using the tool. If you twist the foil being fed through the tool it will not allow the foil to move through the hand foiler smoothly.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Catherine derasp
Hand foiling tools

Takes a little getting used to and video helpful for loading. Great for larger pieces but a little awkward for small ones. Gets easier with practice and definitely faster and more even than hand foiling.

Camryn Worrall
Basically magic!

Thanks to the amazing “how to” for getting me setup for success with this tool - my foiling time has decreased and accuracy has increased! Cannot recommend this enough.

Terri Connolly-Smith
Awesome tool!

This tool makes foiling so much easier! It took me a couple of tries to get the hang of it but what a difference. Lucent Glass has a video which shows you how to use it. I highly recommend it

Ron Chubb
Review by the VBA Stain Glass Group

Foiler was tested and works well except for foil heavier than 1.20 mil.

Those is the group who wish to purchase will visit the store and purchase their own foiler.

Heather McDowell

Hand foiling tools