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Lucent Glass and Art

Online Lead came PDF course, kit & online mentoring

Online Lead came PDF course, kit & online mentoring

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Level: Intermediate 

A complete guide to your first lead came project! This intermediate course is designed for a practicing glass artist looking to expand their skills or refine their knowledge in lead came. The pattern provided in the kit is approachable for a beginner and offers enough challenge to build the skills needed to move onto other lead projects. Each participant will be able to join our exclusive Lucent Glass facebook group where you can have a safe space to share, learn with other artists in the course and receive ongoing mentorship. We work closely with each participant while they complete the course materials and provide ongoing mentoring.

The course will be released in cohorts to a limited number of students at a time and is not available all year round. First come first serve! Don't miss out! There is a limit of two downloads so be mindful of the device you download the PDF on.

What will you learn?

  • How to build a lead came stained glass window
  • Use the lead working tools effectively
  • Project design and reinforcement
  • How to mix your own cement from scratch
  • Proper cleaning of leaded glass windows

What is included?

  • Lifetime access to our 41 page professionally design PDF manual complete with coloured photos and instruction
  • A complete beginners lead working kit (contents below)
  • The Lucent Glass beginners lead came course pattern
  • Access to the exclusive Lucent Glass lead came community facebook group
  • One on one online support for questions
  • Ongoing online support, mentoring and troubleshooting
Kit Contents
  • 1x Lucent Glass lead came pattern
  • 4x 1”x1” square bevel
  • 8x 1”x4” rectangle bevel
  • 1x 5”x7” star 4 piece bevel cluster
  • 1.5x 6’ length ¼” Round H lead came 
  • 1x Leponitt upgraded lead dykes
  • 1x Leponitt lead knife
  • 1x Leponitt lead vice
  • 1 pack Aanraku glass and lead stops
  • 1 pack Horseshoe nails (10)
  • 1x Lathetkin fid (hooked end)
  • 2oz Putty
  • 1x Small cement brush
  • 2oz Whiting
  • 9/32” Cascade metals zinc
  • Complimentary d-lead product

Not included

  • Glass working tools (hand tools & grinder)
  • Soldering chemicals + tools (iron, flux, gloves & 60/40 solder)
  • One square foot of art glass (2-3mm thick & minimal texture)
  • L square (OR 2x 12” Morton system bars)
  • Tape measure
  • Tooth picks & shop rag (cleaning the window)
  • Turpentine (to thin the putty)

OPTION 2 - Already have the dykes, vice and or knife? You can omit them from the kit and add them to your cart separately. 
Click here to add the Leponitt lead knife to your cart
Click here to add the Leponitt lead dykes to your cart
Click here to add the Leponitt lead vice to your cart

Please note that this course is designed for people with previous knowledge in stained glass as we are focusing on how to use the lead working materials not how to use basic glass working tools! The kit and pattern will be shipped to the participant and the PDF course will be able to download the course upon payment. You are able to work at your own pace and you not required to attend any scheduled online training. Absolutely no refunds, no exceptions.

Thank you for joining our art glass community!


What are we making?
The project in the kit is a beautiful leaded glass design made with an art glass of your choice and an eye catching star bevel cluster. The finished window is approximately 10"x10". The kit comes complete with pattern and all materials you need to complete the project except for glass. 

I already have some of the tools in the kit. Can I adjust the kit contents?

We will have an options for those who already have the dykes, vice and lead knife. You can add in additional tools to the cart at check out. All the other items are consumables that you can never have too much of!

Do I have to be available for online lessons?
No, this course is completed at your own pace. All the information for completing the course is in the PDF. We will be available for any questions you might have while you work your way through the course contents. You will also be able to join our exclusive online Lucent Glass lead came course facebook group where you can share your success, ask questions and learn from others who have taken the course!

What if I have a question about the contents in the course?
If any questions come up please email us at or DM us on Instagram. We are happy to help you troubleshoot on your project? We also encourage you to post your question in the Lucent Glass lead came facebook group to help other participants who might have the same question.

How will the PDF and kit be delivered?

The PDF will be delivered to the email that you signed up with at the time your kit is shipped. You will be able to download the PDF a maximum of twos times to a device of your choice. The kit will be shipped Expedited Parcel via Canada post.

Do I need to have previous glass experience to complete this course?
Yes, this course is designed for those who already have basic knowledge in glass art. This course focuses solely on how to work with lead came and we do not cover how to use basic glass working tools. The participant will need to have access to a glass cutter, grozing pliers, running pliers and a grinder.

Is art glass included in this kit?
Art glass is not included in the kit and will have to purchased separately. You will be able to use a glass colour of your choice but we recommend a 2-3mm minimal texture cathedral glass for this project!

Thank you for your interest! We are confident you will love the value and wealth of knowledge provided in our online beginners lead came course!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Learning lead remotely!

With no local studio/classes to speak of I was so excited for a course that included the ability to ask questions along the way! Though the instructions were so well laid out that I didn't come across any. Already looking forward to my next lead project and honing these new skills!

Shelly Duchesne
Order received and pdf downloaded

My order was received with no issues. I must say other companies could take lessons on packaging from you😊! I’m currently going through the pdf and am anxious to start making my window. Your pdf is very detailed so I don’t feel I’ll have any issues following it however if I do I will reach out. I’m just recovering from a bad fracture to my dominant arm so I maybe a little slower than some of your other students! Thanks for this opportunity!