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Second story Inland grinder work surface

Second story Inland grinder work surface

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The SecondStory work surface is an elevated work surface that makes it easier to grind and drill holes when using small diameter drill bits or a stacked-bit setup.

Use this SecondStory work surface accessory any time you are grinding or drilling with a stacked 1/4" drill bit or any stacked-bit setup.

Key features

  • Elevated 5" L X 4-1/2" W open grid work surface makes using smaller grinding bits easier
  • Keeps the glass level while you grind, preventing angled edges and misshapen holes
  • Built-in coolant reservoir makes it easy to keep the the bit lubricated, allowing for easier drilling and longer bit life
  • Easy on / easy off accessory


  • "L"-shaped sponge
  • User guide
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Customer Reviews

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Tere Mullin
Second Story work surface

This appears to be a well-made product. Unfortunately, it isn't fully compatible with my grinder model so I have had to make some adjustments; it probably won't stay put as well as I'd like. But of course that isn't because there is anything wrong with the item...I was just hoping it would work seamlessly with my grinder!