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Silberschnitt Glass Breaking Pliers

Silberschnitt Glass Breaking Pliers

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Cut glass up to 5mm in thickness safely and in a controlled manner. The upper pressure bar is turnable and can be adjusted to the score line. Even inner curves and smallest glass strips can be broken precisely without and splintering.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Andrew Reid
Silberschnitt Pliers

Love them!

Starr Lindsey

The recipient was thrilled with her Xmas gift and said I was to give the highest rating possible.

Sarah Grunert
If I could only own one pair of pliers, it would be Silberschnitts

Oh. My. Goodness. These pliers. How do I begin describing them? Amazing? Extraordinary? Game changing? Mind boggling? Soul freeing?

I am still VERY much in the learning curve with these babies (watch YouTube videos and practice on glass you aren't emotionally attached to) but already the difference in my harder cuts is astounding. I've been cutting out lots of concave circle and it's been like scooping ice cream: easy and so so so satisfying. It's like a whole new world of glassing has opened up before me.

Ellie Quinn

I've got to say that I'm loving my new silberschnitts ❣️

mark goodrich
it works great on curved cuts..

I never had a curved cut breaker.. so, this is so nice to use.