Stained Glass Beginners Kit

Stained Glass Beginners Kit

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Stained glass beginners kit includes:

-Inland Wizling grinder
-Leponitt grozing pliers
-Leponitt 8” steel running pliers
-Leponitt 12” square 
-Weller 100w soldering iron
-Weller soldering iron stand
-Edco 7/32 copper back foil
-Classic 100 neutra clean 8fl oz
-Clarity stained glass polish 12fl oz
-Novacan liquid flux 8fl. oz
-Novacan black patina 8fl oz
-GAI premium glass cutter oil 0.5fl oz
-1 Flux brush and 1 flat burnisher
-1lb roll of solder 60/40

1 complimentary d-wipe sample

Please note the kit does not come with a glass cutter so the artist can choose the style that is best for them. 

Thank you!