Stained glass essentials kit

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We call this the “I don’t know what any of this stuff is but my beloved stained glass artist put it on their Christmas list” kit. 

Any stained glass artists would be thrilled to get this as a gift! You can purchase this kit with reassurance that you are gifting all the best essentials. Conveniently boxed and labeled. 

Kit includes:
1x 8fl oz bottle of Novacan black patina
1x 8fl oz bottle of Classic 100 Neutra clean
1x 8fl oz bottle of D-lead abrasive hand soap
1x 8fl oz bottle of Classic 100 gel flux
1x 0.5fl oz GAI premium glass cutter oil
1x 7/32” Edco black back copper foil
2x flux brushes
1x pack of 1/4” jump rings
1x 1lb 60/40 solder 
1x complimentary D-lead wipe