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Lucent Glass and Art

Suncatchers at home beginners workshop

Suncatchers at home beginners workshop

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Level: Complete beginners

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Create one of our popular suncatcher designs and learn the basics to stained glass art! This kit comes with a comprehensive PDF complete with photos and written instruction. The PDF will be delivered via the email provided at check out and the kit is shipped separately.

The glass comes pre cut and ready to assemble. 

PDF instructions with photos
Lucent Glass stained glass pattern
Glass pieces (cut and ground)
Copper foil tape
Paste flux
Kwik Clean flux neutralizer
Stained glass polish
Flux brush
Pair of plastic gloves
Popsicle stick (burnisher)
60/40 Solder
Jump rings (we included an extra one just in case!)
0000 Steel wool
Wire and crimp beads for hanging

Not included
Soldering iron & stand (sold separately)
Black or copper patina (sold separately, optional*)
Safety glasses
Needle nose pliers
Masking tape
Paper towel

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